Technical support for electronic signature users

Have you purchased a qualified signature, but are having problems getting it to work on your computer? Or do you need to sign official letters, but want to be 100% sure that everything has been done correctly? Take advantage of our technical support offer.

Installation and configuration of electronic signature software

The service includes comprehensive preparation of a workstation for the use of an electronic signature, e.g.

  • installation of a cryptographic card manager through which we will register a certificate on your workstation;
  • installation of a qualified signature application;
  • configuration of the application according to your preferences and needs;
  • installation of the necessary drivers and components for trouble-free use of the signature.

The service can be provided stationary and online in Polish or English.

Training in signing electronic documents

After a 30-minute training session, you will learn how to:

  • sign electronic documents in a dedicated application and Adobe Reader
  • distinguish signature formats and adjust them according to file type
  • verify documents signed electronically and assess the correctness of the signatures made
  • configure the signature application
  • register further certificates of electronic signature

The service can be provided stationary and online in Polish or English.

Signing financial statements

The annual submission of financial statements is always a major stress for management. The e-KRS lacks clear guidelines on how to sign the report, while at the same time entrepreneurs are threatened with gigantic fines. Sign Remotely's specialists will help with the correct submission:

  • a financial statement signed by one person
  • a financial statement on which several signatures are required
  • a financial statement with both trusted and qualified electronic signatures

The service can be provided online. All that is required is a remote desktop application and the presence of all those required to sign the report. We guarantee 100% effectiveness in signing the file. We serve clients in Polish and English.

Signing of tenders

The deadline for submitting tender bids is approaching and you don't know how to go about it? Nothing simpler. Podpisuj Zdalnie's specialists will take the hassle out of the process and help you sign the tender documents. As part of the service, you will additionally receive instructions that will allow you to deal with the electronic tender bid yourself in the future.

The service includes:

  • signing bids on all tender websites
  • signing documents as contracting authority
  • signing the electronic JEDZ (Single Electronic Order Document)

Signing documents to set up a company in S24

From 2019, entrepreneurs have the possibility to set up a simple limited liability company using the S24 service. In order to meet our clients' needs, we assist in completing the formalities for signing documents with an e-signature. We guarantee 100% success in correctly submitting the application to the National Court Register via the S24 system.

Configuration of electronic signature in the Płatnik software

We support accountants and accounting offices in the introduction of qualified signatures in the most popular accounting programmes. We provide signature plug-in services in the Płatnik programme and related programmes, as well as the replacement of the certificate with a new one after renewal. Need to submit a VAT JPK? Contact us. We will guide you painlessly through the entire process.

Configuration of electronic signatures in ERP systems

ERP systems enable the implementation of electronic signatures. We provide services:

  • plugging in a qualified signature in Comarch
  • attachment of electronic signature in Enova365
  • connecting a qualified signature in Symfonia

Support in electronic signing of official documents and administrative letters

  • CRBR applications
  • applications on
  • BDO applications

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