Renewal of a qualified electronic signature

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The renewal of the Certum Mini / SimplySign electronic signature.

The renewal of a qualified signature is carried out entirely remotely. A Podpisuj Zdalnie Representative will connect with you through AnyDesk or TeamViewer application. They will install necessary applications required for activating the next certificate, update data if needed, submit the application to the Certum certification authority in an expedited mode, and then upload the new qualified signature onto your device. There's also an option to delay the activation of the certificate renewal for up to 60 days. This means that the new certificate will be automatically activated on the expiration date of the old one.

What does the electronic signature renewal service include?

full technical support in the signature renewal process

two remote connections to a consultant

update of the qualified certificate data

registration of a new signature on the device

optional configuration in applications where the e-signature is used

How much does it cost to renew an electronic signature?

The total cost of renewing a qualified signature is shown below. A VAT invoice is issued upon completion of the order. The signature renewal procedure is initiated upon payment of the proforma invoice by the customer.


1 year - Renewal - 1200 PLN net

2-year Renewal - 1300 PLN net

3-year Renewal - 1500 PLN net (best choice)


How long does the certificate renewal procedure take?

The manufacturer's website states that activation takes up to 7 working days. To meet customer expectations, we shorten this time to a maximum of 24 hours. Additionally, we make it possible to select the date from which the new qualified certificate is to be active. In this case, we recommend setting the renewal of the electronic signature at the time of expiry of the old certificate, which reduces costs in the long term.


How do I renew my Certum qualified signature?

The renewal process is divided into two stages.

The first is to purchase a renewal code with the option to extend the certificate for one, two or three years sewn in. Then you need to install the software supporting the procedure and the latest version of JAVA. After entering the code, you proceed to the procedure of verifying the data contained in the old certificate and updating it. Once validated, you must sign the certificate addendum with your valid qualified signature. The signed application is sent to Certum Certification Centre and is verified within 7 days. For Podpisuj Zdalnie clients, the verification procedure is much faster (a maximum of a few hours or 20 minutes if time is pressing).

How do I activate the certificate renewal? (Second step)

The second stage is the installation of the certificate after successful verification of the data in the addendum. This includes updating the signature software and card manager, running the supporting software and going through the automatic certificate installation. In some situations, installation of device drivers, library updates and additional configuration is also required.

How to check the validity of an electronic signature?

The validity of a qualified certificate can be verified in two ways. The first is to check the data in the Certificate Personal folder after entering the command in search "certgrm.msc". The second option, which is definitely simpler, is to sign the document with your qualified signature and verify it with Adobe Reader or ProCertum SmartSign in the details. If the time to expiry of the signature is shorter, contact us for the renewal procedure.

When should a qualified signature be renewed?

The recommended time for the electronic signature renewal procedure is 60 days. The two-month time buffer allows for any problems with activating the next certificate to be resolved. As a company that has carried out hundreds of renewals, we do not recommend doing the procedure at the last minute. In the worst case scenario, a new certificate with direct identity verification will have to be issued instead of renewal. For the peace of mind of our customers, we regularly remind you to carry out the renewal procedure for your electronic signature.

Renewing an electronic signature on a Certum card - migrating the signature from the card to the cloud

For clients with a valid Certum Mini or Standard qualified signature, we offer to migrate the renewed certificate to the cloud. SimplySign is the first qualified signature on the market with which you can sign documents both on your computer and on your phone. The procedure for signing documents is similar to authorising bank transfers via SMS. An additional advantage is that there is absolutely no need to replace the card or reader when attempting to renew the certificate - in the case of card-based signatures, there are cases where components are withdrawn top-down by the Ministry of Digitalisation. Customers praise SimplySign for its ease of use and convenient signing from their phone. Are you on holiday and want to sign a document quickly? Sign it via the app and, thanks to the default email option, pass it on.

What does the service of moving an electronic signature from the card to the cloud cover?

full technical support during the signature migration process

two remote connections to a consultant

update of qualified certificate data

activation of the application on your smartphone

registration of the new signature on your computer

optional configuration in applications where the e-signature is used

training in the use of the signature in the new, cloud-based form


How much does it cost to transfer a signature from a Certum card to SimplySign?

Migration of your online signature to SimplySign 1 year - PLN 1399 net

Migration of your online signature to SimplySign 2 years - PLN 1499 net

Migration of your online signature to SimplySign 3 years - PLN 1699 net (best seller)

Note: You will have two active e-signatures on your card until the certificate expires.



Renewing an electronic signature - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: My qualified signature has expired. Can I renew it?

A: Unfortunately it is not possible to renew a qualified signature once it has expired. You must obtain a new signature and go through the signature activation procedure again. This is why we so often remind our customers to renew their qualified certificate on time.

Q: I have a qualified signature from a competitor. Can I renew it at Certum?

A: Of course. Just meet the Sign Remotely verifier and take your old certification agreement with you. This will allow you to activate your new certificate at an attractive price. This applies to existing customers of EuroCert, KIR, Cencert and Sigillum. This is not possible with foreign trust service providers. This is due to different device technology and identity verification considerations.

Q: Can I renew the signature and change the data in the certificate?

A: It all depends on the data to be changed. In the case of a change of name, PESEL number, NIP number (in the company option), expiry of a passport or SHA-1 certificate, it is not possible to renew a qualified signature. In any other case, the procedure can be carried out correctly and in a user-friendly online format.

Q: Does the renewal procedure have to be carried out online?

A: Yes. It is not possible to go through the renewal stationary as a result of the procedures imposed by Asseco Data Systems. Throughout the process, it is extremely important to use a valid qualified signature to sign the addendum for the new certificate. As a rule, online activation is popular with customers. Statistically, the procedure of calling twice and activating the renewal takes our consultants a total of about 17 minutes and we are constantly improving this result.

Q: Can a certificate renewal date be scheduled?

A: Yes. It is possible to carry out the procedure in advance and arrange for the renewal of the signature to take place after the expiry of the old certificate, on a specific date or immediately after positive verification.

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