Polish qualified electronic signature for a foreigner without PESEL number

Do you run a business in Poland? Do you need a qualified signature from a Polish trust service provider? Are you not able to come to Poland? You've come to the right place. Podpisuj Zdalnie is the only one company in Poland offering the possibility to obtain a qualified signature for a foreigner. Without the need to go to a notary. Without unnecessary formalities. 100% online and even within 2h!

Qualified Signature SimplySign 1 Year - 3199 PLN net

Qualified Signature SimplySign 2 Years - 3499 PLN net

Qualified Signature SimplySign 3 Years - 3599 PLN net

How to obtain an electronic signature for a foreigner?

Obtaining an electronic signature for a foreigner involves three steps. First, you need to fill out the form sent by Podpisuj Zdalnie. Based on the data, an application for obtaining a certificate will be prepared. The second stage is to go through an identity verification process by a third-party IDnow operator. The process takes about 30 minutes. The third stage is a video call with a Podpisuj Zdalnie specialist. He will accept the application and send it to Certum headquarters for approval. Then he will carry out the process of signature activation, software installation and professional training.

The procedure for issuing a qualified signature for a foreigner:

  1. Contact us - we will advise the optimal solution
  2. Fill out an application for obtaining a qualified certificate and send us the number of the submitted application
  3. Go through the process of video-verification with a certified operator at a predetermined time (about 30minutes)
  4. Meet with the verifier Podpisuj Zdalnie on Google Meet/Skype/MsTeams for further procedure. The meeting takes about an hour.

After passing the procedure, you will have an active qualified signature, with the applications installed and the knowledge of how to make electronic signatures on documents.

Qualified Signature SimplySign 1 Year - 3199 PLN net

Qualified Signature SimplySign 2 Years - 3499 PLN net

Qualified Signature SimplySign 3 Years - 3599 PLN net

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What documents are required to issue a qualified signature for a foreign person?

To obtain an electronic signature, you need to prepare an identity document. You can choose from an ID card, or passport. If the data from the document is to be included in the certificate as an identifier, we recommend choosing a passport. Unlike the other documents, it is honored in the eKRS and s24 systems. The passport must be valid longer than a qualified signature.

In a situation where you have received a PESEL number, it is possible to add it to the certificate. It is required to provide a scan about the assignment of the PESEL number by the office. Otherwise, the process will be suspended. A certificate with a Polish PESEL number has no restrictions on use. It is accepted in any government system.

List of required documents for signature for a foreigner:

  • passport/ID card - necessary for identity verification and completion of the application
  • e-mail address - the form and all key information necessary for activation of the certificate are sent to the indicated address
  • certificate of assignment of PESEL number - optional document, only for customers with Polish PESEL. Otherwise, the identifier in the identity document is entered

How much does a qualified signature cost for a foreigner?

The cost of the service depends on the length of validity of the certificate. A qualified signature is issued only in the form of a cloud certificate. SimplySign from Certum is convenient to use and is honored in all government systems.

Qualified Signature SimplySign 1 Year - 3199 PLN net

Qualified Signature SimplySign 2 Years - 3499 PLN net

Qualified Signature SimplySign 3 Years - 3599 PLN net

What is included in the signature service for a foreigner?

Qualified certificate for 1,2 or 3 years

Preparation of the contract and confirmation of its compliance by Podpisuj Zdalnie

Payment of a third-party identity provider

Activation of the qualified signature in turbo mode

Installation of software and drivers

Training on how to use the signature

What data does a qualified signature contain?

Typically, a qualified signature contains such data as name, surname, citizenship and PESEL number. Here we are talking about people with Polish citizenship. What to do in case you do not have a Polish PESEL number?


What can be entered instead of the PESEL number for a qualified signature?

There are several alternatives to the PESEL number. It can be a passport number, an ID card number or a tax identification number. Choosing one of these options is allowed by Polish legislation.


Qualified e-signature without PESEL - a lifesaver for foreigners

A qualified certificate without a PESEL number can save the situation when submitting mandatory official documents like financial statements, changes to a company in eKRS or S24, tender offers or to the CRBR. Our company offers as one of the few certified providers an electronic signature for a foreigner in remote activation, without the need to come to Poland.


Qualified electronic signature without PESEL for a foreigner

The offer of qualified signature without PESEL is dedicated primarily to people who are foreigners and have no possibility to obtain an ID due to conducting extensive business outside Poland. We understand that coming to the country is time-consuming and expensive, so we carry out the issuance of the signature remotely.


Limitations of a qualified certificate without PESEL

A certificate that does not contain a Polish identification number makes it impossible to file tax returns. It is worthwhile in this situation to authorize someone from Poland to submit e-declarations with your qualified signature. When it comes to reporting here there is no problem. A signature with any ID is honored in our systems.

Qualified signature for foreigners - frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Can our signature be used to sign financial statements? YES

Can CRBR documents be signed with our signature? YES

Can a qualified signature not include the PESEL number? YES

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